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Art in Art Store is cropped

(Topic created on: 27-09-2021 09:40 PM)

I love Art mode and Art Store, I think this is excellent idea! But too often the art available via Art Store is brutally cropped: cutting away edges in order to fit it better to TV aspect ratio.

This is very annoying. Great art is meant to be seen completely. It violates the art work if some parts of the art work is left away. It affects the balance of the work significantly.

It is of course acceptable to have another version available in the Art Store too  (cropped version) , but at least the original un-cropped aspect ratio image should be available.

This cropping of art bothers me so much I might need to unsubscribe the service.


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Bump! Please fix this! It is really annoying to pay for an art store that features historical paintings only to find them brutally cropped without alternative. This might be OK if you can ask the artist himself how he feels about a specific crop, but it is definitely not OK to offer only the upper half of the Mona Lisa. If you think the cropped version is more impressive, that's fine, but please give interested customers the option to see the entire painting!

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The cropping of art in the Art Mode is not only annoying but it also remains a unspeakable betrayal to the great Masters. Who on Earth has come up with an idea of cutting the painting into preposterous pieces out of any context? Is there anyone reposible for this crime, or was it a random act of aborted AI?

Please have in mind that it is a paid service and I suppose most of the users, who decided to pay for it, probbly are aawre that you are proposing a mere ersatz, rather than gratifying experience  of commune with art.


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The cropping is pretty bad and very disappointing. I won’t renew after the year is up. My plan is to favorite the art I like and later go to the source and download it. I tried that just now with a Brueghel painting—much improved but not perfect (I think the tv’s 16:9 ratio gets in the way?). It is time consuming of course and a shame that Samsung gets it wrong. 

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Exactly, very disappointing. I bought the samsung frame TV to have art in my room, only to find out this horrendous attitude of samsung. It would be easy for them to let people use the whole paintings and the rest would be mounted. But no, they think most people are stupid and don't care. They are right as almost nobody complains...  

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It is horrendous that they cut these artworks up.  No thanks. I too may have to cancel my subscription.