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ARC problems after upgrading my AV Receiver.

(Topic created on: 07-09-2020 10:05 PM)
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I’ve recently updated my Pioneer VSX-S510 which worked perfectly with my Samsung UE50NU7400.


I’ve upgraded to a VSX-S520D. Just the newer model with 4K pass through. But I’m having all types of problems with it. 

I have my Xbox x, sky box, Apple TV 4K and fire stick 4K all plugged into the receiver. And using the same UHD hdmi cable that I was using on my 510 receiver connected my new 520 receiver to my Samsung via both the ARC HDMI ports. 

The TV detected ARC audio via receiver for a few hours of installing my new receiver then the TV just ignores the ARC receiver. And you cannot select it and the tv doesn’t detect it at all. 

Now I thought the receiver might be faulty and have tried it on my old LG tv and works perfectly fine over ARC with audio.


I then decided to google if anybody has had this problem and it seems like it’s a common problem with Samsung TVs. The only fix which isn’t a fix is to unplug the TV and then reconnect it after 10 mins to reset the TV and it’s ARC settings. That’s not an acceptable solution. 


Will Samsung fix this as it seems to be a fault with the software rather than TV hardware. Much like the problem with the same tv where it’s impossible to delete apps to make enough room on the TV to update the preinstalled apps.  Which is extremely poor software design on Samsung’s side. 

Do any support mods monitor this as I tried using the technical support number where I was passed around with technical support people that didn’t have an answer until I was disconnected on purpose I think... 


They weren’t aware of a firmware update was planned to fix this software bug.