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ARC from TV excessively turning off receiver

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I have a Samsung Q7F55(2018) connected to a Denon AVR-X1500H using ARC, both only a few months old.

Since the start, I've had this annoying issue where (seemingly) the TV tells the receiver to turn off too much.


I.e. the following series of events:

1) I turn on the TV, the receiver turns on automatically (expected).

2) After watching TV, I turn it off, the receiver automatically turns off as well (expected).

3) A few seconds later I turn on the receiver - say because I wanted to listen to the tuner instead.

4) Then suddenly a few seconds later the receiver just turns off.

5) I turn it on again, and maybe half a minute to 1 minute later it turns off again!

6) I turn it on again, and this time it remains on with out problems.


To me, it seems like the ARC is commanding the receiver to turn off (again, and more than once) quite a while after the TV actually turned off, and already told the receiver to do so.


Any thoughts? Similar experiences?

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I have exactly the same experience you describe with a Samsung Q6F and a Denon X1200W receiver

It seems like the TV is sending out one or two extra 'shut down' signals through ARC after it has been turned off, with intervals of around one minute.

I haven't yet found any settings that can eliminate the extra signals the TV sends.


In some cases this can be a bit of nuisance.

If anyone has a possible solution -other than turning off ARC completely- I'd also be interested to know.


Kind regards


Thanks for the reply. It's good to know at least why it's happening. The first few weeks when I was "playing" with the whole set up a bit more I didn't see the correlation and was afraid there was an issue with the receiver just shutting down because of a short-circuit. At least once you know "why" it's a bit more manageable and its just a nuisance indeed.


Unrelated but another and more serious nuisance: Once your Denon is set up as Heos device, and you ONCE let a friend connect to it at your home network, they will always continue to see it on their list of devices, even when not at your home network, and thus can play music on your stereo.

The fact that this is possible and you can not remove them is just unfathomable! (factory reset did not even help)


Exactly the same problem. Makes the AV receiver totally unusable for listening to music over Bluetooth. If the TV is off it keeps sending regular Off messages over HDMI which in turn switches the Denon receiver off after about 1 minute. My TV is a 2018 Q9fn. 


I found going to settings>external device manager > HDMI UHD and turning the sound bar off from that menu whichever is ARC


Thank you Madasahat for trying to help but I don't have a soundbar. Maybe I missed something...

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I have the exactly same issue with my NU7400. After switching on the tuner of my AV receiver, which is connected to my Samsung TV via ARC HDMI, the receiver obviously gets a signal from the TV to power off after about 2 minutes. When I turn on the receiver (tuner) again, it stays on. I'm sure that the TV sends a signal, because when I disconnect the ARC HDMI cable, the receiver doesn't turn off in tuner mode automatically. Latest TV firmware installed.

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Hello I am having same problem with NU8000 and Denon X2500H. anyone find solution on this? Regards


Samsung fixed it on my TV when they deployed a new firmware. It's stops the TV from repeatedly sending HDMI CEC Off messages to my Denon AV  amp. Unfortunately if they don't fix the firmware of your TV and you want to listen to Bluetooth streaming or other source on your AV amp, you'll need to unplug the HDMI lead going to your TV. Not a very elegant solution... 

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