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Ambient mode still not working in 2024

(Topic created on: 08-03-2024 05:55 PM)
First Poster

After having an AU8000 since 2021 with ambient mode working fine, I updated the software on the TV to version 2210 the other day. Dynamic Filter in Ambient mode is not working. Not sure if this is the TV or the SmartThings App. When I select my photos and click on 'View on TV' the pictures don't transfer to the TV which did happen before I upgraded the software. I've tried a factory reset of the TV to no avail. The App says 'sending content to TV' and there is a spinning circle for a few seconds on the TV, but then nothing, just an empty screen. The other modes work fine, but not Dynamic Filter. 

Reading posts from the last few years, it seems that this is not a new problem. I do not understand why this issue is still occurring three years after it was first identified? How difficult would it be for Samsung to fix this?

I've tried various solutions mentioned in other posts to no avail. Has anybody else come across this issue and found a solution that works?