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Ambient Mode and Win PC

(Topic created on: 04-11-2020 02:46 PM)

Hi everyone,


first things first: I don‘t own a Samsung Smartphone, nor a Samsung Tablet.


I do own a Samung Tv Q60R, which has the Ambient Mode feature.


Until recently I have been loading images from my Win 10 PC into the Samsung Cloud, using the Win App Samsung Gallery.  Using SmartThings on my IPad I could then choose images to be displayed in Ambient Mode.(Mono 4K, Matt, Duo, you Name it)


Then Samsung in its infinite wisdom decided to integrate Samsung Cloud with MS Onedrive, and I no longer can upload images via Samsung Gallery.  I would have to initiate the switch over via my Samsung Samrtphone, which, as mentioned above, I don‘t have.


Even worse, in June 2021, the images that currently are in the Samsung cloud, will be deleted.


Samsung support here in Germany were less than helpful, looking at the various answer I got I must assume that they did not even understand my question.


therefore, I try again here :smiling-face:


1). How do I upload images from my Windows PC in such a way, that they can be displayed in Ambient Mode on my Samsung TV - without use of a Samsung Smartphone or Tablet.


2). How can I integrate the Samsung Cloud with MS OneDrive without using a Samsung Smartphone or Tablet?



with best regards



Volker Bandke



First Poster

I have sent three pleas for help to resolve this issue over three months and have not received a response from Samsung. Their lack of responsiveness with regard to this rather egregious issue is very disappointing.