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After pairing turning on TV with universal Samsung TV-remote turns off cable box (decoder) at the same time

(Topic created on: 02/03/21 17:58)
Per Helge
First Poster

After buying a 75 inches Q80T I paired the TV remote with the remote to mye cable box (decoder). Easy peasy except for the name of the Huawei Q22 decoder not being on the list of Huawei devices. My cable company, however, informed me that the Q22 is listed as EC6108V9A in the menu - and everything went smoothly.


It turns out that the on/off-button on the TV remote also turns off the cable box. So when I turn on the TV with my TV remote, I turn off the cable box at the same time, and I have to turn it on by clicking  "Turn on" on the menu that pops up on the TV screen along with the message telling me that the cable box isn't connected to the TV.

Has anybody else experienced this, and is it possible to solve the problem? Could it be that the Q22 and the EC6108V9A isn't the same Huawei product after all?

For now I go around the whole issue by saying "Hi Bixby! Turn on TV". But I would rather use the TV remote.