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Samsung UE55TU8500UXXU: too dark, very low bitrate with built in streaming apps

(Topic created on: 03/03/21 16:04)
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I am having issues with my Samsung 2020 55 inch, Samsung UE55TU8500UXXU: both Amazon Prime and especially Netflix are too dark, The Alienist say is nearly unwatchable, but there is also an issue with the streaming speed/bitrate, it is at 1.6mb for Alienist (i have 37 mbs) lots of grain, poor shadows, etc, etc, many others on the platform are poor as well. I note that the Netflix preview that comes up when you watch is fine, not too dark, very clear, and when watching content both Netflix and Amazon on my 28 inch Samsung U28E590 PC monitor, bitrate and image is much better I also have to put brightness up to the full 50 setting on the TV even for normal terrestrial viewing to get an acceptable picture.

I discussed this with Samsung support and told to use expert and of course I have already, she took over remotely, but still offered no answer. Same with Amazon, no real joy(saying they are aware of the issue but no firm date, yeah right.)

I am pretty angry about this, its not what i paid for, it does suggest it is linked to issues with HDR(my monitor doesn't have it) and previews don't, and/or the Panel and many others are across the web complaining about similar, I hope Samsung come up with solutions soon.