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6 Series TV Smart 40" - screen flickering

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Hi there, my parents bought a Samsung TV back in 2018. We haven't had any issues with it or any bumps or physical damage to it. The screen has been jumping/flickering for the past week or two. We've tried resetting the TV, doing the screen picture test and checking for any software updates. I've googled and checked YouTube for any help videos but I can't find anything. I've tried contacting Samsung but I understand due to COVID replies are slow.


I've attached an image of the error on the screen, I hope it makes sense.

When I boot up the TV the screen is fine but then after about 20 minutes its starts to jump/flicker.

I've run the TV without the digital TV box attached and it still happens.

I've also watched Netflix and it keeps happening.

The TV itself is in perfect condition, nothing physically wrong with it.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.🙂


unfortunately it can only be repaired with screen replacement if you still have some extended warranty
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