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55KS7000 and Sky Q automatically turns on every time even when I am not using it!!

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Got a incredibly annoying problem if I am browsing the smart apps or going into any app from within my TV the Sky Q box turns itself on and I simply do not want this to happen, the Sky Q box should turn on when I want it on not when it or the television decides to.
I have turned off any form of HDMI control on both the Sky Q box and the television but nothing I have tried has helped.
Updated the firmware from 1201 to 1208 in the hopes it would fix this but it hasn't helped either.
Suffice to say this is doing my head in!
Helping Hand

Got some advice from avforums so hopefully this will fix it.



The HDMI Auto Detect feature can be turned off on Samsung 2016/2017 TVs using the remote control by pressing a certain key sequence (either IR or Bluetooth remote works).

1. Make sure TV is updated to latest firmware version
2. Switch TV to TV source – HDMI may not work with BT Smart remotes. TV source works with either remote
3. Using IR Remote: Mute + 7 + 2 + 9 + Exit
4. Using Smart Control: Mute + Vol Down + Ch Down + Mute

PLEASE NOTE: TV does not display any messages after you press the above key combination. This function is a toggle. So if you want to turn HDMI Auto Detect on again, press the same key sequence.

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