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What are the best Samsung tablets and why?

(Topic created on: 24-02-2020 06:34 AM)
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I plan on getting a tablet. I would use it for work and home. Looking for high quality display, mobility, and option to use keyboard with tablet.


@johnwalker1: The Galaxy Tab S5e or the Tab S6 are both great choices, and have keyboard covers available for both models on our website. To find out more, please check out the following link:

As a owner of Samsung s6 tablet I can say it is a good option. Also the keyborard is not bad and havent got any problem with that cover overall. While I did my research I found previous tablet not so good choice.


Also, one thing I love is the hinge on the back of keyboard cover. Ad a software engineer and designer I decided to use digital device to replace all my papers. The primary reason for Android device was the Price. And I think I successfully switched Galaxy Tab S6 to my everyday workflow. And I think I am more effective. Oh I do not only do software developement but also develop new food recepies. And there Nebo(read below) is a great helper.


Now, a bit cons to consider additional to the hype. Basicalky something, you can not find in any review. Just to help to consider before tou buy.


The screen is a bit ackward size when it comes to the handwritten device. Also it does not help that the pen holder isnon the back which raises the tablet up and makes writing not really perfect experience. Inthink Apple and Microsoft got the form better.


The S-pen functionality is awesome! But the pen itself is abbit thin. At least for my hands. So, I hadnto buy Staedtler pen and I never picked up S-pen since then. Although I lost some functionality. Saying that- depends on your hands.


Therebis not much software available for Android devices with handwriting support. Samsung provides good, but half baked product (it has good handwritten recognition but that is basically it and does not help much, in the same time it is only app supporting widgets). Some features are miss and some not. There is OneNote which is half baked as well compared to the functionality in windows (no text recognition). 


So, I ended up buyng Myscript Nebo which also does not have full functionality I need (NB! I take a lot of meeting notes and software design). So, Samung soft I use to write down quick thoughts. OneNote to sync between the devices and Nebo for engineering.


Now, few words about keyboard cover. Although it is a good device I would recommend a bit cheaper choice with samsung cover but bluetooth keyboard. Or both from third party. The problem with keyboard is it has to be attached to the tablet but I personally rarely use tablet for writing with keyboard while sitting in the office. Also, the keyboard hasnto be in certain angle to work.