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Warning for anything Samsung purchased from ebay.

(Topic created on: 18-06-2020 12:18 AM)

So, I have the S6 and bought a brand new keyboard case from kne of the most reputable stores kn ebay. Brand new, this was about a month ago.  I followed all tips and tricks to get this god forsaken bad design to stay on my tablet.  


Now I finally reach out for help to samsung and am given instructions to clean and reapply the thing. This was 48 hours ago. The back ened has absolutely no way to be stuck or attached to the tablet.


After going through 2 hours of Samsung telling me that they acknowledge and hold responsibility for this failure in design BUT BECAUSE I BOUGHT IT ON EBAY they will not do anything.  They are discriminating against me over the store I purchased a product at even though they say that no one caused this problem besides the faulty design and manufacturing of the case by Samsung.


After reading these forums I need to stand up and say that we will not accept these business practices and the treatment of loyal customers who are now discriminated against because I used ebay to buy it.  Tell me how this is even remotely allowable? This is no different then how cops treat people, dead serious, Do not let them do this anymore. and stand up for your consumer rights by doing the one thing that matters, stop buying thier products and stop this from happening to each other. 



This isnt even about the case anymore either, it is about the treatment I recieved based upon the choice I made kn where to buy a sealed brand new case that was already faulty before the package was even opened. How can I go to my seller and expect them to refund me, that's just disgusting to even think of, how can they be that insensitive about other humans.  This is not a ebay problem.


This is discrimination. 

This is inhumane.

This is disgusting.

This is abuse of power.

This is how loyal customers do not matter.

This is SamsungSmartSelect_20200617-165507_Samsung Internet.pngSmartSelect_20200617-165514_Samsung Internet.pngclear descriptionclear descriptionSmartSelect_20200617-175119_Samsung Internet.pngAcknowledges  that the only reason Ssmsung wont help is because of discrimination  of ebayAcknowledges that the only reason Ssmsung wont help is because of discrimination of ebay