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VoLTE in Samsung Galaxy Tab Active 3

(Topic created on: 22-11-2020 09:22 PM)

VoLTE support is non existent in all samsung tablets. That has no logic especially that 3G will be turned off next year in many European countries. 


Tab active 3 just came to the market and continues the samsung trend of no Volte support. I just got one LTE version and I got disappointed.


There are some guides to root the device upload the nessesary files and enable VoLTE but as Tab Active 3 is a business tablet is not a good idea to root it for security reasons.


Not supporting VoLTE has no sense for samsung as it is a very easy procedure for them to enable it and that can be done in a matter of minutes.


I hope this time someone from Sansung to reply and explain to us why they are not supporting Volte in their tablets.


I hope soon Samsung to  send an update that will include the VoLTE support.








Agreed. Got mine fresh October 2021. No mention at all by Telekom Germany that Voice over LTE is not possible with the device. Since signal coverage is literally non-existent, i have to force LTE to get any kind of internet access, else it switches second by second between 3G, GSM, LTE. This way i can either use the worst internet connection i had since the year 2000 OR being able to receive calls with effectively 8kbit/sec over GSM.


The device is heavy, its clunky but i am ready to deal with that, because it is indeed rugged and that is what i need. But it is in fact unusable for mobile use. And that is in Hannover, Germany, basically the headquarters of Telekom/T-Online/T-Mobile Germany.

It makes no sense and it makes me angry. I was patient, got no feedback at all from Samsung Support, Telekom denies any servicing duties. Only option left is in fact rooting the device, but so far i haven't found any coverage of fully successful attempts to do so.


Any hints are welcome, because in fact i carry a non-functional brick around at the moment.

For fun exercises i reactivated my 13 year old Huawei LTE USB Stick. Performance gain factor 4x to 5x regarding bandwidth, half to a triple the latency and in fact VoLTE possible ...

Samsung, as well as Telekom this is abyssal degenerative behavior. Period.

Oh and by the way, your product isn't even listed under "Associated Products" and the Touch-Screen is way off the displayed content. The touch-zones in fact are based on 1920x1080 aka FullHD 1080p stretched on a visual 1920x1200 resolution, which makes it impossible to use it in standard detail/dpi/zoom levels.

What a shame.

After the desaster with the Note 8 definitely the last regular Samsung mobile product i will ever have bought. I gave your products a try again with this, but no thanks. OneUI is hell on earth, dumbified to limitless extent, while prohibiting basic features of Android like Edge- and Knock- Gestures and about 65% of all apps are crawling slow, crash non-stop or have UI-response times in the seconds range, for touch-actions, like simple tasks as using the onscreen-keyboard.

The more i think about it it is by far the baddest experience with an Android device i have ever had.


So, yeah thanks for that Samsung.


Since editing isn't possible: "half to a third" not "half to triple" ... "the latency".