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The back of my Tab S6 has grown (?)

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Hi everyone

Im from Peru and its been a month since i got my tab S6, and i been using it for taking notes almost all day long for my university carrer, Medicine.

Yesterday i noticed that the back of my tablet is irregular to the rest of the device, in the center part of the tablet, it is not notorios but i kinda feel it at the touch.

Im scared, i dont know if it is normal that the centre of the tablet is slightly "bigger" tan the rest of the device, because when i touch where the finger scaner is located and compared it to the centre part of the back, i feel some slight diference..

Has anyone experienced something Like this or is this normal?

I had to choose betwen the iPad or the Tab, and im scared that i made the wrong choice even thow i love my tab..


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The Tab S6 is a fantastic substance utilization tablet. It has an extraordinary screen and speakers, and it's slender and light enough to hold for expanded watching meetings. It even has enough battery life to last through at any rate three Wonder motion pictures.


Hi, @ManuelCuevas21. Have you managed to sort this yet? As we're based in the UK, I recommend taking a look at this link for Samsung in your region.

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