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Tab s8 Ultra Keyboard Case not recognising double leters (see what I mean "letters")

(Topic created on: Friday)
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Hi everyone,

I bought my Tab s8 ultra about two months ago. And the keyboard case finaly arrived yesterday. Looks great, works great, except for one huge problem. When i am typing words with double letters, most of the time i wont recognise the second press. This makes serious typing soooo anoying and means I make literlly hundreds of typos in every document I write!!

This is absolutely unacceptable for a premium product with the word ULTRA in the name. Its supposed to be the best of the best!  The keyboard is stupidly expensive, absolutley no excuse for this at all.

Is a fix anyone is aware of?  Or is a software fix coming soon? If there isn't I may have to return to my old iPad pro with keyboard.  As it is it in unusable for serious typing work. Not a pro product at all! I don't want to get rid of it, I am prefer Samsung to Aple any day. But I need reliable keyboard! 

Any help?