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Tab S7+ - Keyboard Input Issues

(Topic created on: 10-09-2021 10:19 AM)
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I have a Galaxy Tab S7+ (UK) and use a couple of external keyboards including the Book Cover Keyboard (UK) and a Logitech MX keys bluetooth keyboard (again UK layout).

Almost overnight though when I use either keyboard it appears to be stuck on a US layout (swapped @ and " keys, no GBPsymbol on the 3 key, etc)

I've checked all of the input settings I can see and they all appear to be set as English-UK; this is almost unusable for working off now; how can I fix this?

First Poster

Unfortunately, this seems to be a bug. I have Tab S5e with OneUI 3.1 (Android 11) and I need to change my physical keyboard (Universal Microsoft Keyboard) to Slovak layout. But settings are not followed, even though I set up the language of physical keyboard correctly. I have been doing this for several years, setting up different devices with different versions od Android, beginning from version 4.4.2. So I believe I can positively confirm this is a bug.

I also tried to restart tablet, unpair and pair keyboard again. I tried Samsung keyboard and Swiftkey, I removed Slovak and English language from Swiftkey and then installed it back. I tried different combinations (have only Slovak, then only English, then both, delete layout, reinstall layout). Nothing helped. When I use Samsung keyboard and use keyboard shortcuts to switch layouts, I see toast notification saying the layout changed to English/Slovak, but in reality, I am always stuck on English. 😞