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Tab s6 stylus problems


Why doesn't the Air Command button show up when the stylus is charging?


The Tab S6 stylus doesn't hold its charge for very long -  mine has to be recharged every 2 hours when I keep it removed from the tablet. Also when I turn off the tablet it does hold its charge-I have to charge it before using the tablet again. Only with the Air Command Button I have access to important shortcuts like Smart Select (When the Tab S6 stylus is charging I use my Staedler stylus ) I need this function to be always available for my work.  Unfortunately I will have to go back to to my Tab S4 where the Air Command button was always available. I am considering returning the tablet. Apparently a firmware update would be necessary to bring back the Air Command Button to function independently of the Tab S6 stylus 

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Hi @lensgold369  and welcome to the forum.

Why doesn't the Air Command button show up when the stylus is charging?  You have the answer in your question, Air Command only show when you are using the S-Pen.


I find abnormal your S-Pen has to be recharged every 2 hours when I keep it removed from the tablet. Normally, it should be around 5-6 hours when it's full. ( This is a app. , i don't found the information on Samsung info. The S-Pen of my Note 10+ have a duration of 5-6 hours and the S-Pen of my Galaxy Tab S4 don't need to be charge so i can use it 24/24.) 


On my Note 10+, i can click on a setting and it accept other S-Pen so i'm using the S-Pen from my Tab S4 on my Note 10+  but i can't use the Air Command tricks (remote control ) but i can use all other command, ( i can wrote or make any desing like a normal S-Pen ) . If this is possible, maybe you can buy a S-Pen for Tab S4 and use it on your Tab S6, it don't need to be charge like i explain and it's only  ....check fisrt if you can use all  other S-pen before in your settings.You should find this in your Advance features/Samsung Stylus? and something like Accept all s-pen..

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Why don't you call Samsung customer's service and ask how many hours should work your S-Pen ?

Samsung customer's serviceSamsung customer's service

Use many Samsung 's stylusUse many Samsung 's stylus






After playing around with my new Tab S6 I found that I have to charge the stylus longer to reach 100%. I also found out that the Air Command Button is accessible whenever the S pen is removed from the tablet even when the change is drained. I don't think I can connect the S pen from my S4 tablet because it doesn't have the Bluetooth feature of the S6 pen. Most of the time I prefer the Staedler pen.


Hi @lensgold369 , like i explain to you,  the S-Pen charge is only for using the S-Pen as a remote control. I can use my Tab S4 S-Pen but i can't use the remote control on my Note 10+


No need to connect it with bluetooth...i am happy to see you found the solution on how to charge the S-Pen




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