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Tab S4 - Great, but some features neeeded

(Topic created on: 26-08-2018 06:08 AM)

I now have the awesome Galaxy Tab S4 (256G/LTE) and after a few days of heavy usage, I am not regretting buying it, however there are some frustrating issues that I hope Samsung will address soon. (Do they watch these forums?)


Option to not rotate screen buttons: (I find this super annoying!!)

Unlike the GS9+ when you rotate the Tab S4 to horizontal, the navigation buttons (App/Home/Back) move to the bottom of the horizontal portion of the screen. The big problem is that these buttons are out of reach of your thumbs if you use the device with a hand on either side. It is really annoying to have to "ungrip" the phone on one side to tap these buttons. Having an option to rotate the screen, but not these buttons is neeeded.


Keyboard Cover does not wake up the screen when opened.

I am so used to my trusty Tab S 8.4 waking up when I open the book cover, it is surprising that this premium tablet and Keyboard Cover doesn't do this. Very annoying having to press the power button each time to wake up the screen. 


Good Bits:

  • The audio quality is amazing
  • The screen is best in class
  • The 835 Snapdragon is super fast. (It might be the previous model, but speed wise seems up too the task)
  • Keyboard Cover (although pricey) is worth it, as too is a Bluetooth mouse (I am using a Logitech M557)

Things that could be better:

  • Some apps really don't like DeX (eg Facebook)
  • If you are in DeX, having a large icon on the desktop would be good to swap back to Tablet mode
  • DPI and Font scaling not as good as GS9+ 
  • Although not a Samsung issue, app support for larger tablets seems a 2nd thought. 

One thing I miss is HDR support on YouTube App 😞

And an option to move navbar buttons



By the way the updates on my Note8 are consistent but in my Tab S4 I'm still stuck on June security patch..


I agree, the ability to move the navbar buttons is pretty important as reaching for the centre of the screen is much slower than having it at your fingertips when holding the tablet.