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Android Tablet Apps

(Topic created on: 12-07-2023 02:03 AM)
First Poster
Hey so i bougnt my Tab S8 Ultra (top specs) last month as i saw a video showing how much better it was to consume media than on my old apple ipad pro 2020 model. One thing i have noticed though is that the samsung tablets seem to have some app issues like my zfold 3? For Example the Disney App is very poor and doesnt full screen, you can technically hack this with labbs and samsung settings but surely disney need to respect android apps?

Also youtube doesnt seem to have the same features as pc youtube or even apple youtube app? Also NOW TV (a sky owned app in the UK) wont even let us watch 4k content on android tablets. i get samsung doesnt have alot of power in getting third parties to clean up there act but surely samsung can have a word with google to get there android app game improved for tablets? I have loved my samsung tablet so far fingers crossed dont have the same nightmares i have had with my z fold 3 breaking when it tries to update. But apple who i know are ahead of the game with there expierence in the tablet market have very rare issues with apps not being great on android? 

Does anyone have a S Tab 8 Ultra if so do you know if using dex mode fixes some of the app issues? Aslo @samsung where is the themes store that is on my z fold 3 that isnt available on the tablets? 

Also does anyone have any cool app recomendations i can use on my samsung tablet?
Some apps aren't available to use on tablets,l ike the themes feature isn't as well.