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For every new Tab S7/S7+ owner: if you enjoy your tablet and want to for as long as possible, please read

(Topic created on: 26-09-2020 03:44 PM)

For those not in the know, Samsung only gives the Tab S7 and S7+ quarterly security patches instead of monthly like their other flagship devices. Quarterly means a security patch once every 3-4 months, depending on if Samsung cares. Additionally, the Tab S series has historically been last in line for significant operating system updates, like One UI 2.0 on Android 10, despite having similar hardware to the Galaxy S and Note Series phones that receive these updates first.

Updates are important in fixing software bugs, keeping the phone's security up to date and adding great features to an already feature packed device. Updates also prolong the safe and consistent usage of a device. Sure, your tablet won't randomly die without them, but for the money you've spent on the S7 or S7+, you should get the premiere Samsung treatment it reserves for its other high-end devices.

If you think your awesome new Tablet deserves better software treatment and respect than this, then it's time Samsung heard you. Tell Samsung you want MONTHLY security patches and operating system updates when the Galaxy S and Note Series phones receive them.

To get your voice heard, message them on Twitter, stop by their Tablet forum at and chat with any of their tech support to help get the message out.

Thanks for reading. We can do this!

Click here to Tweet @samsungsupport

Post about it here on Samsung's EU forum.


Here's a petition for those interested in signing and sharing.


Tell Samsung "We want monthly security patches and timely operating system updates for the Tab S7 and S7+".