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SG Tab: Using a Bluetooth Keyboard with Apple or Windows keys

(Topic created on: 10-10-2018 07:13 PM)

I have a Bluetooth keyboard that has one of those Apple keys that Macs use as kind of like a ctrl key. When I have this BT keyboard connected to my Samsung T580 Tab 10.1 it basically works just fine but the Apple key is handled weirdly.

What I'm using this for is to run the TeamViewer app to remotely control my Mac Mini. It works well (with my Bluetooth mouse also) except for the fact that I can't use the Apple key. When I look in the keyboard settings for Android, it only seems to offer 'Android keyboard'. It's like it doesn't guess that you might be connecting a BT keyboard that has Windows or Apple keys. It probably figures "what should I do with that anyway?". Which kind of makes sense, except if you're running something like TeamViewer or VNC and want to 'pass along' those keypresses.

I'll be surprised if there's a solution to this, and I can live without it by simply always going into the Mac application's menu to do things, but I figured I'd ask because if I can have this it would be helpful, and it might help me pass along the Windows key when I'm remote controlling my Windows 10 Intel NUC mini PC too.