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Second screen doesn't work on Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra 5G

(Topic created on: 02-06-2022 07:25 PM)
Tom Placer

My Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra 5G, bought in March, upgraded to to last firmware Andorid OS build...everything.

I've tried the second screen function from two different PC's with windows 11 (both upgraded to the latest version of Windows, I mean all SP-s are installed (the last is Cumulative May 2022 upgrade for Windows 11)).

I've tried the functionality on 2 different WiFi Networks which are set on 2 different routers. Both, the Tablet and the PC's were on the same WiFi network. 

Both the PC have installed Samsung Second Screen SW from Microsoft Store (but I've tried also native functionality (within Windows)).

The results are exactly and every time the same: The tables goes black screen for a second or two, and then the home screen reappears. Like If the connection is established but when the picture from the PC has to be displayed, the tablet closes the connection. And even on the PC I have to reinitiate the procedure of connection with CTRL-K (Win native) or with the Samsung APP.

Can somebody give me an advice to solve the problem or Samsung has to overcome this issue?

I've bought this tablet beside all to use it as a secondary screen when I go to work at the offices of my customers.

Any answer would be highly appreciated. If it comes from Samsung directly even more.

Thank You in advance for the answer(s).

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Can you please explain how to exactly add exclusion in eset? i cant figure it out how

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Hey, I was having a similar problem with my s9 ultra. I didn’t have any trouble with the s8+. That said Second Screen would give me ‘Couldn’t connect to device’ when attempting to cast from a Windows PC running 11 Pro (Core i712F). I’m unsure how I exactly fixed the problem. I went into ‘Bluetooth’ in Device Manger and removed everything pertaining to my tablet. After doing this I paired my device once more via Bluetooth and voila Second Screen immediately ran as advertised. I would say I’m tech savvy or code literate but this did the trick for me. I hope this helps. Here’s to multi-functional quality products!

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Hello everyone! I'll share how I fixed my problem. I have a samsung galaxy tab s8, acer predator laptop with Intel (and Nvidia) drivers. Among all the things mentioned in this thread, the solution that helped me get to my specific solution was Members_4NTrD8K's. Doing the extact thing they did didn't work, but I went directly to the Intel's drivers assistant page, searched for new drivers and install the ones that were available. I did that here:

So i downloaded the manager to scan my system and it showed updates for the Bluethooth Driver, the Wifi/Ethernet driver, and the graphics one, I downloaded and installed them all but I believe the issue had to do with the first two. It fixed the problem.

I also have to note that before getting to this solution I also applied this other method another person here shared:

@mcksth wrote:

This didn't work for me, but it got me on the right track. My Firewall was blocking "Wireless Portable Devices." I approved the permissions, and now it works just like before. 

Control Panel > System Security > Windows Defender FIrewall > Allowed Apps 

Enable "Wireless Portable Devices" on either Private, Public, or both. 



But what ultimately worked for me, as I mentioned, was updating the Intel drivers via intel page. Another note: The Second Screen still didn't work the first time I tried it after updating the drivers, but then I tried again and it worked! Hope this helps anyone else or at least someone with Intel!

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I know this post is old but I had the same issue with the Galaxy S8 Ultra that I just bought.  I have a Nvidia Graphics card and my CPU has an AMD GPU built into it.  I had the same exactly problem you are describing.  Tried everything I could find in this thread and it still did it.  I finally thought to myself that it might be a GPU issue because my other monitors acted like it was about to pass the video to the tablet as well but went back.  I disabled my AMD GPU through the device manager and that worked.  Obviously if I had a monitor plugged into the AMD GPU on the motherboard this wouldn't work great but I only have my monitors plugged into the Nvidia GPU.  I hope this helps people.

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THIS IS IT. THE SOLUTION. Thank you so much. Wasted 5-6 hours searching for the solution. Tried Everything. Updated Everything. Re-installed everything multiple times. Watched YouTube videos for hours. Nothing Worked. I can't thank you enough.


Can you please explain how to exactly add exclusion in eset? i cant figure it out how" .

Yes, here we go . 

Open Eset Endpoint Security app in Windows, go to Setup scren , then go to Network tile.

You will see the Firewall: Enabled there, that is fine and can stay.

At the Firewall line , on the right side you have an Arrow down. Press it and go to Configure option.

And you are there: 


Enable Firewall should stay, and the Also evaluate rules from Windows could be off, as this Firewall takes over the built in Windows Firewall.

Press the Edit , at the line of Rules .

Add a new rule there: 


This is for the file with full path: 


Action : allow, Notify User, Directions: both, Protocol: TCP & UDP.



That is it . You will get notification every time the Tablet tries to establish a connection to the Windows workstation, to act like a second screen.




Dr jalpit
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This one worked for me. i think everyone should try this one.