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Screen protector and/or insurance?

(Topic created on: 08-04-2024 10:34 AM)
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Having just purchased an ultra S9, I'm wondering if Samsung insurance is a good idea, in case of an accident which cracks the screen. Anyone experience of this?

Also, is there much point in a screen protector? I already have a sturdy cover that the tablet fits snuggly into with a flap over screen protector.

If a screen protector were really necessary, wouldn't they come with the device in the first place?
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Insurance is a personal choice really. Yes it's good to have in case of an accident etc. If you can afford the extra cost then it's peace of mind for you. FYI, Insurance can also be purchased from other sources such as your bank and sometimes offered free depending on the type of bank account you have.

As far as screen protectors go, again it's a personal choice and again offers extra protection in case of accidents.

Pros and cons...think about how and where you use your devices and the risks involved if any and take it from there.

Personally...I use neither.
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@Skyfall74  Screen protectors are not provided as standard  even in the Flagship Mobiles now.  it is up to you  but a screen protector helps in minimising scratches.  Samsung's one here    , Alternatives 

Saamsung care plus does provide extensive coverage,need to use a courier service.  Details here 

However alternatives available,some Banks have insurance cover for Mobiles.  

As always be aware of  the fine print and the excess details.

I do not work for Samsung or make Samsung Products but provide independent advice and valuable contributions.