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Screen / display colours on new Galaxy Tab S5e

(Topic created on: 30-05-2020 01:14 PM)

Having just got a Tab S5e, I can see why people are full of praise for its AMOLED screen, which is bright, sharp and colourful. However, I have two concerns.


Firstly, the screen hue & white balance. Having recently tried a Tab A 10.1 (2019), I noticed a major difference between that and the S5e. The Tab A has a faintly pink-hued white, and the angle the tablet is viewed from makes no difference to that. The S5e has colder whites overall which I'm not overly keen on, although I find it a bit better if I adjust the white balance right over to the warm side (good that this model has that option). But the thing I find most surprising is that the colour changes significantly on the S5e dependong on the angle the tablet is viewed from. If I look at it absolutely straight on, the white balance is reasonably natural, but when viewed from even just a slight angle (and especially if flat on a desk, for example), the whole display takes on a markedly green-blue hue. It's very noticeable on white and paler-coloured areas. There is no such phenomenon on the Tab A. Is this normal?  I'm wondering if this is a feature of AMOLED displays such as this one (first time I've had one) or whether there is a fault with this particular device.


My secondary concern is just whether Pulse Width Modulation is likely to be a problem. I first noticed it when taking a picture of the Tab A and S5e side-by-side - I could see distinct grey bands scrolling across the screen on the S5e and not on the Tab A, and I understand this is probably down to the use of PWM in the AMOLED display. This is something I wasn't aware of before purchasing and I read that some people find it a real problem (causing eye strain and headaches), but I've not had the tablet long enough to know if it's a problem for me or not. Have many people on here noticed any problems with this?


Any help much appreciated.