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Samsung Tab S6 lite resolution

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I'm considering this tablet as it's quite a bit cheaper than the S6.

The S6 has a resolution that is  just higher than QHD whereas the S6 lite is somewhere between FHD and QHD. 


My question is whether or not the S6 lite will be able to play videos from YouTube at QHD resolution? Usually in the YouTube app it is limited to the resolution of the device.

I have an old Samsung Tab s which has QHD resolution but this no longer plays QHD resolution videos from YouTube as the tablet lacks the HEVC codec.


I'm not bothered that much about the resolution per se, but I know that there is big difference between the compression of FHD Vs QHD videos on YouTube and if there was a way to play the QHD videos on the S6 lite this could sway me towards buying it.


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