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S6 Lite Tablet Dropping Wifi

(Topic created on: 02-04-2021 09:25 AM)
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Hi everyone! I purchased my S6 Lite back in July 2020 and everything seemed to be working fine until December 2020. I'm not sure what happened but ever since then my tablet will not stay connected to WIFI for longer than a few minutes/seconds at a time and its been progressively getting worse. My tablet is wifi only.

I have tried various resets, factory resets and the tablet has also been sent to an engineer twice now for a 'fix' but is no better. 

I have noticed that the WIFI 'on' switch will just slide itself to the off position while I am actually watching it in settings. If it try to put it back to the 'on' position it just greys itself out and won't reconnect. The only way to get it to reconnect is to restart the tablet but even then it will only reconnect for a few minutes before disconnecting again. I have had the same Router and wifi since I bought the tablet and had no issues before so I don't understand what's happened.

I have checked the date and time settings but it has always been set to 'Automatic' however, as the tablet wont remain connected to the internet the time is pretty much always wrong. For example, it currently tells me it is 05:55 (date is correct) but the time is actually 09:18.

I have also tried connecting to my hotspot via my Samsung phone but the same thing happens. It will connect for a few minutes but then just decides its had enough and disconnects.

As the tablet is Wifi only its pretty much useless and I am getting so fed up with it. Samsung have told me that I cannot exchange the tablet but I can keep sending it off for repairs as its still under warranty but this hardly seems like a forever solution. I bought this to replace my Ipad which was 9+ years old and worked great but I had changed to a Samsung phone. I had never regretted my move to Android until now.

Before I go back to Samsung and ask for yet another engineer to have a look, is there anyone that knows of any solutions that might help. I will try anything at this stage!

Thanks so much for reading this,


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I have exactly the same problem!