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Repeatedly Locked Out of Galaxy Tab A

(Topic created on: 26-03-2022 11:28 PM)
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Hi! I am working on my mom's Galaxy Tab A for the 4th time now. She keeps no lock screen (swipe only). Randomly, after restarting the tablet, she will be presented with a password lock she didn’t add herself, and there’s no way around it except to factory reset the device. Her Google and Samsung passwords do not work to unlock the tablet.


Previously, I enabled "Find My Device" so I could remote unlock the device if this happened again, and I quadruple checked to make sure the remote unlock service was enabled. However, yet again, her tablet has locked itself with a password, and it informs me that "remote unlock is disabled for this device," which is absolutely untrue (or at least it was until the tablet suddenly locked itself out).


This is getting beyond tedious for a tablet that cost nearly $1000 when we got it, and to stress about making sure all data is backed up every single day just in case the tablet locks itself *again*, which today it has.


I really don't want to factory reset this thing again. Why on earth does this keep happening? My mom is fairly tech savvy and is not doing this herself, and I'm good about checking her settings every so often to make sure all is in order. 


Any help is appreciated. Thanks in advance. :smiling-face:


Edit: The only possible connection I can find is that it appears Android may have updated when the tablet was rebooted the last two times we got locked out. But I have no idea why that would suddenly create a password on the lock screen when none existed before.