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Problem viewing "adult website" on my S6 tablet

(Topic created on: 23-03-2023 12:41 AM)

I've had my Galaxy S6 Tab LTE for several years and it's been working very well. However, in the last hour, it's suddenly stopped access to one particular website that I use from time to time saying:
This site can't be reached
whereas access to all other websites still works as normal. No, I guarantee the website isn't down, because all my other devices (including my Samsung Galaxy A51 phone) continue to access it without any problem. The only thing I can think of is that this particular website may be classed as an "adult website" unsuitable for children etc. Yet, until just now, the S6 Tab has always displayed the website. Have Samsung maybe changed (or created) some kind of block on this particular website and is there maybe some "child friendly" lock which has come into existence? In case my version of software is important, I've currently got:
One UI version: 4.1.1
Android 12
Google Play update 1 February 2023

Can anyone suggest some solution to my suddenly not being able to view this "adult website" even though for the past couple of years it's not been a problem?