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I am pre order Tablet S7 plus.I had a bad experience in pre-ordering at the beginning of the guide, I can not get it gift the request, also I cannot order the keyboard for the tablet now! This makes me wait a lot of time! Also, a mistake, I contacted the customer service, and they gave me 3 different numbers, each person transferring me to another !! I regret it very much.
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Hello Ahmadtaha, you choose what gift you want after the tablet is delivered to you. All you do is return to the Samsung website and the options should be available to you then. The Keyboard cover has not been released as of yet, it should be available to order soon. probably around the time you receive the tablet. If you are in the UK both Amazon & Argos have a listing for it and if my memory serves it costs about £220.00, and again if I'm remembering right the launch date for the Keyboard is listed also. hope this helps.
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Same experience with pre order, they do not treat customer with any form of respect and I think I will now cancel the order and get a refund as they will not let me know when my order is expected to be delivered.
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