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One Ui 3.1 dark mode is grey?

(Topic created on: 31-01-2021 03:05 PM)

So just got the Android 11 with One Ui 3.1 update on my Tab S7+ 8GB 256GB,  and now the app drawer has a grey defocus background instead of a dark black, even the notifications are grey instead of almost black. Is is configurable? I'm surprised almost none noticed it since the One Ui 3.0 last summer, even more the always present clock in the notification bar, now what's the point of having a samsung smartwatch?


I'm pissed because it feels cheap compared to before, with this half dark half light theme. Do I really have to root this device to be able to change it?


EDIT: now that I was looking at previous screenshots that I had the clock was actually there too, idk why I remember it not being there nor bothering me so much like it does now...

Lucretia Victoria

Since the ever so lovely Jan 1st update to 11... My eyes have never felt like this!  Gray on gray, light gray on white.  No matter where I am, phone, apps, online... All so difficult to see!  I saw fine before this update!!!  Blurred vision, headaches from trying to focus on a black gray white mess!  I really loved this phone before the update!  Sure, tons of settings for us techies, but what fun is it using this thing when I can barely look at it.  I'm not getting glasses because somehow this awful gray has blurred my vision in 2 months!  Honestly, it's seriously causing me problems and I bet I'm not alone.  Oh good, the ugly orangy eye thing too.  That's worse!  Take this seriously - I'm kinda freaked by this.  I spend more time just watching TV instead.  At least then I can see! 👀😒☹️😎. I don't know about these launchers, tried one and it made my phone style only look like an old old Samsung.  Square big plain buttons with no ability to make it look modern, black and easier to see.  Oh well.  I did like my A21 just fine up until Dec 31st.  Happy freaking New Year.