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Note 8- places nearby

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On some note 8s and s8s, I've seen another tab called places, found in the phone section. I don't seem to have this. How do I enable it?


Hmmm. Well I bought my first note 8 from carphone warehouse, and I believe they're phones are unlocked? Which is possibly why I had that feature. I returned that phone and bought it directly from voda instead as I had a better deal, and I noticed that feature is no longer there.


So it may be something network related?

That's the issue. 


Carphone warehouse sell unlocked phones but they have the xeu csc code on them.


So No intervention from the network as the firmware is direct from Samsung. 


Vodafone have their own version of firmware on the phone. 



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That's unfortunate I guess. Thanks for your help though.

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