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Large screen tablet for the elderly

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I am after some advice - my elderly uncle has a Samsung phone and a Samsung Tab4 with the 10inch screen. He wants a bigger screen to make it easier to watch Netflix and to type (struggles with the small keypad).  I was looking to get him the 12inch TabPro but concerned about userbity. He is not tech savvy and will struggle with the windows interface - he literally just want 5 apps on it and to keep it simple. Is this possible with the pro? 


Any suggestions would be greatly received 





the windows interface if learned briefly will give him much more potential and let him better enjoy his content.

However i understand that he needs a plug and play experience and he is already familiar with android samsung tablets.

However 10.4 inch is still the biggest screen offering from samsung.

I have nothing to advise you with if he upgrades just because he need a bigger screen.. i am sorry

I am to your disposal for further doubts

You could wait till August the s7+ is coming. 12.4 in
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