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Galaxy Tab S3 Wifi and Bluetooth will not turn on

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My Galaxy Tab S3 wifi or the bluetooth will not turn on. When i press the button in connections it automatically turns itself off. 

The wifi direct is grayed out and tried clearing the data and cache of it to no avail.

I have restarted the tablet several times after clearing memory and cache, still nothing.

This just started less than a week ago and cant find any updates that could have caused it.

OS is Android 9.

I have wifi on all my other devices.

I am hoping not have to restore to factory and lose all my data and settings.

Any suggestions? Or is anybody else experiencing this problem?

Thank you!


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I just tried to do a factory data reset, but can't because it is telling me it needs to connect to the internet.


same problem to me, i can do anything now



i ll never buy a samsumg product again

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