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Feedback Tab S7+

(Topic created on: 21-08-2020 10:22 PM)

I have purchased the S7+ and it's a great tablet (Probably the best on the market!), that said - I do have some feedback for this (almost) perfect device. 


Considering the Tab S2 was my last tablets and I only use high-end Samsung phones I'm quite clean when it comes to "Tablet experiences" but my expectations are skyhigh when it comes to Samsung Experiences 😉


The tablet does however meet 95% of my expectations, but there are just a few points of improvements to make the Galaxy Tab Experience perfect ‌‌ 😁



Hardware features

  • NFC is missing, not a lot of tablet manufucturers support NFC, but it would be an unique selling point. Personally I use NFC for MFA using a ubikey. Considering NFC was missing I tried authenticating though an USB-C hub but this failed as well, I use this form of MFA to authenticate to my password manager so effectively due to the lack of NFC I was forced to disable MFA, which makes it easier to access my password for potential criminals. Considering hardware keys are rising in popularity for the business market for MFA I think that this can be a good unique selling point. 
  • I want to have a good haptic engine – I'm of course used to the great haptic engine on the S20 Ultra/Note 10+. I'm really missing the nice subtle tactile feedback I'm used to on my phones. A good tactice engine doesn't look good on the specsheet but is definitely a treat in daily use
  • The S-Pen is when it comes too charging sliiiightly to autistic. You have to point the S-pen to the camea, if you attach it the other way around it will simply not charge. It would be great if it would work both ways :smiling-face: 

Software features

  • As a real control freak I was looking how I could increase the resolution, unfortunately I wasn't able to find the option so I decided to consult the manual - Which doesn't even refer to it. I believe that the option missing is a typical case of less is more, but it would be nice to have it in the manual especially considering it's a new thing for people coming from Galaxy smartphones. A note with "Your Tab has always the maximum possible resolution, there is no need to configure this" would have had me satisfied. 
  • Widget request: It would be great if it's possible to add a volume slider as a widget to the homescreen, for a phone I prefer the volume button but with tablets I prefer a slider considering it's form factor. 
  • From 3 fingerprints to 4: The Tab S7+ can support 3 fingerprints max. Which leads in my case to frustration considering I wish to scan all the thumbs and index fingers. Which basically means that I'm missing one that I would really like to use. This has led already to frustration considering I was locked out multiple times due to using the incorrect index finger. (Ough!). I would be really happy if the maximum amount stored could be increased to 4. 
  • Homescreen: It would be great if the icons could be a bit smaller in order to fit more apps/widgets to the homescreen. 5x6 is perfect for phones but it's slightly too little for tablets to my tastes. 
  • Samsung Gallery can not sync with Onedrive - It's great that onedrive support exists! It's less great that it doesn't work with onedrive for business (Which is what I use) so in my opinion it's slightly misleading considering it doesn't work when I try to set it up. That said, I will just sync using the onedrive client but that's less perfect than using the gallery app. :winking-face: 


I'm definitely happy with my purchase so far, but with a few updates the tab can get extremely close to perfect :winking-face: 

if you want to change the size of icons on homescreen install the Good Lock app from the Galaxy Store then use Home Up to change the size and spacing of the icons.
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Does the tab S7 utilize UHS-II at the full speed or is the sd card slot just UHS-I?