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Push notifications broken for the last 2-3 weeks on new Smartthings app

(Topic created on: 14-03-2021 06:28 PM)
Smart Home

 recently, my push notifications got broken. I do not receive any push notifications from smart apps.

And they do not appear in "messages" section of the app.

I noticed it last week but I believe it started in the last 2-3 weeks.

Before that , I was able to receive notifications from my custom smart apps.
Now do not receive any notifications from custom smart apps.
But I do receive notifications from “automations” and integrated smart apps like “smartthings home monitor”

App notifications are enabled (I receive notifications from automations and integrated smart apps)

On the app settings , notifications, I see only devices, no smart apps are listed. (I am not sure if this was like that before)

So my “notification issue” is specific to “custom smart apps”
And when I check under :

  • Smartthings App → Settings → Notifications
    I do not see custom apps listed. I only see devices and integrated smart apps.

So it is like I do not have any custom apps installed. However, I have smart apps installed.

I also don’t see notifications under “messages” part of the app.
I only see notifications from app itself (hub disconnected/connected) , and automations and integrated smart apps.

to make a simple test , I just added a simple smart app now, with only one command (sendPush(“test”))
it did not appear under notification settings.


Smart Home

I am migrating to an independent hub. Cloud-free

I started hating cloud based smart home implementations.

Their vendors (like Samsung) tend to believe they can do whatever they want with our home. 

They change the rules when they want.

and lack of support is the last point.