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Worst Customer Service! Samsung Charged me for a promotion and refuses to refund me!

(Topic created on: 19-08-2022 09:02 PM)

Hi Everyone,

I really need help with this one. Here is my problem and if anyone had anything similar please do let me know what you did to get your money back.

Thank you


I bought a TV from Samsung over a month ago. When I was picking the option I want I was prompted to pick a FREE promotional service that I would have to redeem 28days later. At checkout out the option was showing $0.00. 28days+ have past and I am yet to receive a redemption email. I go to my order details and realize that I was charged $120 for that FREE promotion I NEVER received. I contact customer service today first through the app via chat, worst experience ever. The bot couldn't connect me to anyone. I then call for me to stay over the phone for  1h 30minutes getting tossed between departments. All this time each person I am talking to does not know what is going on. They still ask me the same questions over and over. I have talked with 12+ people in total for the last person to just hang up on me. I still go ahead and contact the chat through the website. For me to talk to Md Waseemuddin, a customer service agent telling me to wait for the redemption email which I was supposed to receive in less than 28days but I never received? I tell him I would just like to receive a refund for this because first I was never supposed to get charged for it and secondly it doesn't have anything to do with the redemption as This was not a cash back promotion. I MIGHT NOT EVEN BE ELIGIBLE FOR THE PROMOTION BECAUSE I ALREADY HAVE YOUTUBE PREMIUM! I chose because I had to!! They tell me that Samsung cannot refund me and leaves the chat after telling me they were going to transfer me to their supervisor. So now I am here trying to understand how Samsung can charge me for something that appeared as $0 before checkout but cannot refund me for it. I did not even redeem it! The only reason I did it was because I was prompted to!

This is the worst customer service I have ever received! If you can't fix problems especially the ones YOU create then how do you want me to still buy anything you sell?

Hi lythiaA,

Sorry to here your having issues with customer support, I have to say I've never really had any issues when contacting Samsung promotions/claims support! I'm not sure we're you are in the world but you try if you have all the relevant information to had they will reply and you have a case ref number that you can always refer too and they have to reply always have email trail 👣


Hello Dan,

I am in the US. Thank you so much ! I will try that. Hope it goes well 

First Poster
Hi contact the ombudsman or small claims court of Google the address for the ceo of samsung and email direct with your issue ..hope somthing gets sorted