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Why preorder of S24 series are delayed so much?

(Topic created on: 07-02-2024 04:46 AM)
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I ordered by S24 on 20th January and chose to pick up the order from a nearby store I thought it would fasten the process. It showed 30th January as pickup date. So far I have not got a single mail from Samsung about delay or new estimate date of pickup. I called many time to ecommerce and live chat. One executive straight forward told me to cancel the order rudely 😕. Finally another executive offered  an apology and a 50 bucks coupon code. 🤷‍♂️

It is still bad experience of online purchase that too directly from the manufacturer. I mean what the heck of this pre order non sense if you can deliver even to your first customers? Atleast there should be more transperency and information about order delay. 

Samsung Members Star ★★

The Samsung Galaxy s²⁴ Series of phone's are much awaited phone models due to the AI and other new features in them, so it wasn't long before Samsung put up on their website that they are experiencing high demand. 

Sometimes the internal storage capacity can cause a particular phone to go on delay. 

A colour can affect leadtimes in particular exclusive colours can also affect the lead times. 

Yes Pre Orders are opened up by Samsung for people to buy the phone earlier than the official launch date, however getting a phone before launch date is never guaranteed unfortunately. 

People who do pre order usually bag some pre order promotions such as free double up of internal storage and in this case a free Samsung Watch ⁶ among other offers such as afree case and screen protector and an extra 5% off if ordered through the official Samsung Store. 

Some people also had another £50 if they registered to show interest in the phone's before the Samsung Unpacked Event. 

My choice was to wait for the ore ordering stage to end as I wasn't wanting the smaller sized Watch⁶.

I then bought the Samsung Galaxy s²⁴ Ultra in Titanium Black with the Samsung Watch⁶ Classic 47mm in black with a 25% promotional reduction of the watch. 

I purchased both from a UK Highstreet Store called Argos who had both in-stock to walk away with. 

I also claimed Samsung Galaxy Buds² Pro and a Samsung SmartTag² for free. 

I hope you receive good news soon in regards to your order @Vipulkp 


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So many of them had QA issues mine came with dust under the camera and the top speaker would distord really badly on high volumes while my s23 didn't.

Not to mention the film grain on the oled screen when showing dark/grey things on the display. (My launch GW6 had the same type of display with this film grain)

The GW6 that came with the pre order was prestine... Same uniform grey reproduction as my s23 ultra.

Samsung must have had two different fabs doing the oleds for this cuz they are wildly different.

Denny DimitrovaBG

Hello, My name is Denitsa and i'm from Bulgaria. On 23rd of January trough my mobile supplier i made the pre-order for Samsung S24 Ultra 1TB, Black. Andddd i'm still waiting for that phone. It passed 3 weeks and still nothing. I can't believe that Samsung can allow something like that. I don't know what to do. I'm starting to get mad and frustrated from all this waiting. Is there anyone else in my situation and still waiting ? Can't we complain somewhere ?

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Preordered mine on Jan 19th for pickup at Samsung experience store. It's Feb 11th and my order says still processing. 

Samsung experience store will not pick up phone (2hr wait before I gave up). Samsung customer service number said theyre working on it and expect it in after the weekend (last weekend. Then they said I can either wait, or cancel the order and try reordering it. 

The samsung financing already sent me a bill. I've had samsung since the s7, never been a problem before. Think its my sign to move on from Samsung. 

Will stick to current s20+ and not accept updates lol. best of luck to you guys though. 

Denny DimitrovaBG

I'm sorry to hear that.  They are making the people to quit from their phones, orders and these kind of things and move to another brands......obviously. 😔  Currently i'm with Huawei P30 Pro and somehow because of the new camera i decided that i want Samsung and the new S24 Ultra. But now i'm starting to think to take S23 Ultra. 😂   So i can say good luck to both of us. 😊