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Trade in issues

(Topic created on: 27-10-2023 10:27 AM)
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I was wondering if anything can be done in my case. I was hoping to get some advice.

So, I bought the s9+ recently. I used the trade-in option (any tablet, any condition).

Samsung doesn't want to accept my very old Apple tablet because it's locked and I am not able to unlock it (I don't remember passwords, and it's a very old tablet with a cracked screen). I offered a different tablet however they said no and asked me to pay an additional 100£ immediately.

The thing is, I can't afford to pay another 100£ for the tablet. What's the most annoying part is that the customer service sends me conflicted emails and it feels like I am in a tragicomedy. Guys from the trade-in say I am allowed to return my Tab s9+ but they won't accept the new tablet (no idea why) meanwhile the guys from the customer service say I am not allowed to return my s9+ but I am allowed to send a different tablet. It's ridiculous and annoying.

Do I even have any options or I am forced to pay another 100£ I desperately need as a full-time student? I bought it because of the discount.


Please help

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One of the stipulation for trade in is the tablet is unlocked. I don't see why they can't take another tablet in but I have never had such a problem so cant comment on that. Maybe one of the mods on here will be able to clarify your position or what to do next