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Still no pre-order, still no information

(Topic created on: 18-09-2021 04:14 PM)
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Hi, just wondering if anyone else can share my frustration.

I'm with Freedom Mobile in Ontario, and they advertised the fold 3 to be available from Aug 27th onwards. I understand that there has been shipment delays I am just wondering the ball park figure here for Samsung to ship devices to carrier retail locations for distribution.

My retail location has zero information from Samsung regarding when the pallet will arrive with our orders from early august, and they just tell me to call them once a week to check in and see, otherwise they will call the pre-order customers when the devices arrive (they are starting to lose patience themselves as they are getting calls from customers like me about it, daily)

Samsung Canada customers have had sporadic delivery dates in emails, some telling them delayed past September 28th, others just say indefinitely, some people have received devices, its all over the board.

Is this just an absolute underproduction due to pandemic and supply issues? Every news outlet seems to give a different answer regarding what is going on.

I'm close to just canceling my pre-order with my carrier and just hitting up the Best Buy locations because they actually seem to have their product delivered to them (and lose out on all my offers).

This entire launch kind of feels like it got destroyed by logistics.

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Hi @blushellneon 


Totally appreciate your frustrated and unimpressed at the delay.

I'm in the UK and from my understanding is that the networks order so many units from Samsung but then will take on pre orders and new orders even if that exceeds supply.

A bit like an airline selling plane seats and oversell just incase someone doesn't turn up for the flight.

I went direct to Samsung UK for my Fold 3 which was ordered Wednesday at 18:30 and delivered the next day before 10am akong with the free Samsung Starter Kit and Aramid case at half price.

Maybe look into the route of BestBuy before cancelling your current order to see if BestBuy have the Fold 3 in stock. 

I wish you all the best with this situation. 

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