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Samung Shop/website offer very misleading - free keyboard cover not provided when buying Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra

(Topic created on: 20-05-2024 11:45 AM)

2024-04-28.pngOn 28 April, I purchased a Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra, which at the time included a free Watch4, Buds2 Pro, and a Keyboard Cover worth £199 – valid until 30/04/24. This offer was a key reason for my purchase.

I received the tablet, watch, and buds, but no Keyboard Cover. I've seen discussions online indicating that the offer was subject to stock availability, which was not mentioned on the webpage. Since the offer was still valid when I made the purchase, the shop should have confirmed the availability before finalizing my order.

Even after receiving the other items, there was no communication about the Keyboard Cover being unavailable.

Samsung was deceptive to say the least and chat didn't really help much at all - said the usual blurb, item not being in stock at the time, though they're clearly at fault for false advertising. Here's what the final resolution to the whole conversation was, even after providing proof:

"We only have limited access with the promotion. In this case, please do reach our Samsung promotion team and inform them about the claim information that you would like to check including the information used for the order. You can go ahead and contact our phone support for this promotion through 0330-0545-396 or 0333-000-0333 and 0333 016 3421."

First time buyer and very poor customer experience to say the least - Samsung should do better - was expecting a better resolution than simply "Sorry, not our department" - why was this not raised automatically??? Other forum users at least got offered a measly £50 voucher or even the keyboard sent over - why is Samsung being selective?

Not happy at all - would appreciate if Samsung reaches out to resolve this issue. Since this was a mistake on Samsung's shop listing, why should the customer be held responsible?