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Samsung Upgrade Programme is a complete joke

(Topic created on: 16-09-2022 10:15 AM)

I have a sense of de ja vu with this post.

12 months ago I traded in my S20 and upgraded to an S21 via the Samsung Upgrade Programme and Samsung completely messed up the process.  12 months later it's happening again.  I thought it was a one off issue, but on upgrading to the S22 Samsung again have failed to settle my finance agreement with Klarna.

On calling Samsung they have no interest in sorting this.  They claim they are trying to help, but everyone I speak to states it's not their department and tried to pass me to another team.  Surely you would think the Samsung Upgrade Programme team would be able to help - No, absolutely no interest in helping and pass me on the Samsung shop, who have no experience in the upgrade process.  

Failing with Samsung, I have contacted Klarna and they have registered a return with Samsung, given I had an email from the Samsung Upgrade Team to say that they had received my old handset but are still awaiting for Samsung to acknowledge this and settle the finance agreement with Klarna.

So in summary, 2 years on the trot I have returned a handset to Samsung who have then confirmed receipt of the handset but not settled the account with Klarna.  This means I'm paying for 2 phones but only own 1, for second year in a row.  

Sort it out Samsung!!!!  Why will nobody help me with this?  Your customer service is non-existent.

Galaxy S22 Galaxy S21 5G #samsung 


Black Belt 
"Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice shame on me". I hope you get this resolved but am wondering why the hell you thought it was a one off when this community is full of similar reports still in 2022. Personally I would steer clear.

I find myself also facing issues with my second year upgrade - I'm either giving the wrong credentials OR theres a technical difficulty with the site when trying to upgrade online...the UK Helpdesk aren't interested, palming me off to an equally disinterest Klarna financing team...looks like my S21 Ultra from last August is going to be my last Samsung phone for a while...there seems to be no concept of customer care with the company anymore...just twee design-a-bot comments from the helpdesk dweeb (he was disinterested when I told him - on the second time of hearing - that you can't "wait just a quick minute" as all minutes are the same sixty seconds, and listening to the background spiel on hold they'd be long not quick anyway...

I eventually got this sorted I guess because I got in there early before payments started coming out for both phones. Definitely last time. I'll buy my Samsung from an independent dealer in future. Absolutely useless customer care.