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Samsung S9 Plus Return Nightmare

(Topic created on: 30-05-2018 09:33 PM)
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On the 13th May I returned my faulty Samsung s9 plus to Samsung using their pre paid shipping label and a DPD drop of location. 8 days went by and I had not had an update on my replacement other than the two automated text messages you receive once you post your item and DPD receive it and send it on to Samsung.


This is where the nightmare began and still is ongoing. 5 days of me ringing and being told "system issues in issuing a replacement" Then "logistic issues they can't find your parcel that they signed for" Then "told logistics aren't answering their emails to update on whether they have found the item."

Sent around in circles being told I would receive updates but the updates never materialised and I ended up ringing to chase what was going on. It's now as of tomorrow 19 Days since the nightmare began and still no closer to a resolution. I have been told by every Samsung Shop manager possible this issue has been escalated to the relevant departments but unfortunately an estimated time scale can not be given. 

Today 30th May I received a phone call from a Samsung account manager, with an update I thought to myself great! Then they started off by saying they have found your package then....Boom the low blow ""unfortunately"" the device was not in the package) What was in the package were NIKE COATS yes the clothing brand Nike you heard it correctly. I froze for a moment and thought no she can't be saying that, I remember packaging my phone securely in a 7x3 sized box and fully wrapping it in brown parcel tape and affixing the return label to the top.  I asked her to repeat herself and she confirmed my nightmare, she did not state how this could of happened.

I knowone thing though they have refused to blacklist the device I am paying for so someone has gotten themselves a nice little surprise.


I have come up with some ideas....


(I know DPD relabel items to return once they receive them as they class as a new order), "So someone in the depot placed the wrong label on the wrong package, so someone who was expecting to receive some Nike Coats have now received a £800+ S9 PlUS unlocked and non blacklisted"


"Someone has stolen the item and crammed in my 7x3 box like Houdini some Nike coats"


"Someone at DPD or Samsung logistic centre has purposely swapped out the device to steal"


I am no closer to a resolution still without a replacement device or my money and have been told now further investigations have to take place which I understand and . What I don't understand is why can't I be issued a replacement like I requested it's clear this issue wasn't my fault, why would I send some Nike coats to Samsung to replace my faulty device knowing they inspect all returns before they issue any replacement or refund. I have done  everythingin my power to get the device to them safely, used their label took to  DPD drop of location and sent them both tracking links and the DPD card.


I am guessing inside the box or bag of NIKE COATs will be an order slip with the name and address of the original recipient on and the warehouse are smart enough to give to DPD to go and retrieve the item.


Has anyone else suffered similar, I have come to terms I may never receive a replacement device or my money back and will end up spending more money taking to a small claims court so there is probably no point taking this to them and just sucking up I've lost £800+ phone. To top it off I'm on the upgrade program so get to pay £33 a month for the amazing invisible handset I guess that's a bonus. 


Samsungs lack of customer service and communication and scrippted response and being lead around in circles has just added to this whole terrible experience and being made to feel like a liar and have to repeat myself 100x.

I understand this may be a DPD issue which hasn't been confirmed yet but you can treat your customers a little better and not lie and mislead. 


Hi @Dan3991.


It's highly unusual; and not something I've experienced personally, thankfully. 


If you'd like me to check into this with my Online Shop colleagues for you, can you send me a PM with your order details (order number; name; email address; contact phone number used)?

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I know it has been a long while, but I have suffered something similar, where my Note 9 return was rejected for damage when that was the exact reason I returned it.


I've been lead around in circles and circles, and it's now been over a month. I finally got 2nd return labels to send it back to Samsung for a second time, and it's now been rejected for a 2nd time.

Customer service is responding to emails every 7-9 days, if not longer in some cases. It's a slow and painful process and despite my Note 9 being damaged, I'm not sure I have the energy to fight it anymore.

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Did you receive it?