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Returned my S24 Ultra last week but have not received a refund

(Topic created on: 16-02-2024 11:49 AM)

Hi everyone, I am hoping somebody can help me as Samsung support have been no help at all here...

I contacted Samsung last week within my 14 day return period to return my S24 Ultra for a full refund. Because I have no access to a printer, I could not print a return label and so the agent arranged DPD collection from my home address. The agent said that DPD would have a label so I did not need to print one.

DPD collected my package (containing the phone and all the free gifts including Galaxy Watch, watch band, phone case and screen protectors) last Thursday, stuck a barcode on the package and gave me a tracking number. The tracking shows that the package was delivered back to Samsung's logistics partner Yusen Logistics the next day, but I have still not received a refund. I contacted Samsung again earlier this week and the agent claimed that because they have not yet received the phone, they are unable to process a refund. 

I contacted Yusen Logistics directly and sent them my return label by email. I received a reply from somebody saying that they would forward my mail to the Samsung team, but I have not heard anything since then. I'm worried that because there was no return label on the package, they have no way to link the package back to me which is why the return cannot be processed.

Any suggestions on what I need to do? At the moment I am planning to give Samsung one more week to process my refund before I'm forced to raise a chargeback through my credit card.

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Refunds can take up to 28 days normally.
The important thing is that it was all delivered.
Customer Support probably won't have any access to internal tracking data.
What you have sent back will be assessed, and the refund sent normally.
It's a case of waiting for a while initially
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Hi @JustSpiderbro 

Apologies if you have this information but these contact details may help. 

Samsung Online Shop Team.
0330 726 7467

e :

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My experience, which I posted here, I received my refund 16 business days after I refused delivery at the door.  (I ordered a second phone from Samsung at a much better price which was why I refused the initial purchase.)

It took 15 business days before I received an email from Samsung that they in fact had received my phone, I received my refund the following day on my bank account.  

If you don't hear back from Samsung after 15 business days, contact them.

I had contacted Samsung twice during that time and was told it could take up to 15 business days.  That seems like a long time, but they were true to their word.

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It can take up to 2 weeks to get a refund, plus however long your bank takes to process it, normally an extra 3-7 days.
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I returned my to Samsung and they claim I did not send the charging cable when I already sent it back with the phone unused. I sent them the picture of the cable. Now Samsung sent the phone back to me with the same charging cable. I regret buying this. All my devices and my children's tablet is from Samsung.  I think it is time I move ti IPhone.