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Lounge Upgrade Issue

(Topic created on: 15-02-2023 03:20 PM)

So been part of the Lounge Upgrade programme for a number of years, most recently upgraded my handset to a S21 Ultra in May 2021. Decided not to upgrade to the S22 as I didn't feel the change was good enough. Now with the impending release of the S23, I have went into my upgrade account and the option to upgrade has been removed.  It says that I am not eligible to apply for an upgrade until May 2023 which will be 2 years from originally entering the most recent upgrade contract.

I have spent hours and spoke to 3 different people via online chat, 6 different people and department via telephone and also reached out to Samsung via Social Media and I am no further forward in finding out why as per their own website, I cannot upgrade my handset anytime between 12 and 24 months.  Originally I was told this was down to Klarna and I had to speak to them, however Klarna were incredulous with this suggestion as I had not made a credit application, they did not have authority to determine when I could apply for a new handset back I went to Samsung with this info and they still prattled on about how it was all to do with my credit application for the new handset.  No matter how many times I tried explaining that I had not made a credit application.  My question is, has anyone anywhere had any sort of similar issue and if so, did you manage to find a resolution?

Just to clarify, and for the avoidance of doubt.... I HAVE NOT MADE A CREDIT APPLICATION FOR A NEW HANDSET.

If anyone from Samsung is looking in, I can assure you that no application for a new handset has been made nor has a credit application for a new handset, I cannot get that option!



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I know in the small print of the upgrade program I'm on with my Z Fold 4
It does state that there is an upgrade window at the one year mark.
I think it was something like 4 weeks.
After that the remainder of the balance would have to be paid.
It maybe worth going though your contract details and quoting it to customer support if the information is different to what I have.
Still May is not far away now, and gives a chance for better deals and incentives later on.

Hi Glenntech, thanks for your reply.
I have checked and cannot see any reference to a 4 week window.  On the website it does show I have 12 months to upgrade and does specify that if not taken advantage of within this period (Month 12 to 23) then I need to pay the balance and walk away with the handset.

As I mentioned in my original post I have tried to communicate this to customer support a number of times but they just cannot grasp my question on it and contrary to my posting name, I speak perfectly fluent English so this is not getting lost in translation, at least not from my end 🙂