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Galaxy Z Fold5 stock and delivery issues

(Topic created on: 26-09-2023 09:35 AM)

I placed an order for a Galaxy Z Fold5 on 20th September and selected the delivery date for the following week. On the day of delivery, the order was still showing as 'processing'. At approximately 09:00 on that day, I received an email from Samsung informing me that the order was delayed by 2 weeks. I cancelled the order immediateley.

I decided to try again with another phone colour a few days later, assuming that there may be supply issues with the  Samsung exclusive colour that I previously ordered.  

I was surprised to find that all the standard colours were out of stock for all storage options. The Exclusive colours were the only ones available to order, and they had discounted the 512GB storage option to the cost of the 256GB.

I placed an order for one of those on 22nd September for delivery on 26th September. The order was confirmed and delivery was also confirmed for 26th September. 

I have received an email on the evening of 25th September informing me that the order is delayed and will now be delivered by 10th October. On my Samsung account order page, it is still showing as 'processing'. 

It is obvious that I will not be receiving the phone today. I will be cancelling the order as I Samsung cannot keep my money indefiniteley. I have no assurance of when the phone will be delivered.  

On both occasions, I paid for the devices outright and will have to wait 3-5 working days for the refunds to be processed.

The service form Samsung has gone from bad to worse and it seems that their logistics and sales portals are not aligned. Customer service discussions seem more scripted and cringey than before.

Is there any reason why phones are being sold when there is clearly no stock to fulfil orders? 

The company makes excellent devices but has an extremely long way to go to improve their customer services!

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They are a really popular device right now. Rightly so as it's a brilliant smartphone to use.
Mine has been great.
But sometimes demand can outstrip supply.
As the likes of Apple are experiencing at the moment. Lots of complaints about having to wait a couple of weeks or more.
I suppose getting supplies shipped takes a while and quite often get delayed.
Did you try a different memory size?

Some retailers may have a stock of them that you could look into

I will say that it's a phone worth waiting for.
Just such a great experience opening that main screen.
Can do so much more with it compared to a standard smartphone
I don't dispute any of what you've posted. It's the fact that the portal allows you to order and assigns a delivery date that is not honoured and is then amended on the actual date of delivery. I believe they can do better with their logistics and communication. Apple is not falsely advertising dates as far as i am aware. I have placed a preorder which is showing an October delivery date.
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Yeah I will say that my S22 Ultra in an Exclusive colour was a bad experience for me. I don't know if there are separate departments that deal with this stuff. But they didn't cover themselves in glory. I just had a delivery date that was missed and got no communication of when it was supposed to arrive.
I just had to wait and see.
Hopefully they will sort it out eventually though
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It was the same with the S21 Ultra. Ordered with a delivery date, then was told an 8 week delay then a 10 week delay then a 12 week delay......

This is what Samsung consider "acceptable" because demand may outstrip supply.

With my S23 Ultra I ordered early and it came when they said it would.

I ordered my fold 5 on 19th sept selecting delivery on 22nd. On 22nd got an email saying delayed due to circumstances out of their control and delayed to 6th Oct. Order is stuck on processing. Don’t want to cancel as lose the free watch offer. But no idea when I’ll actually receive it  

also ordered an s pen which is stuck at preparing dispatch. Was supposed to be delivered 23rd but no sign of it yet. 

first time ordering Samsung and I’m not impressed. Website still shows the fold 5 I ordered as being in stock. 

The reason why I am very unhappy with Samsung is that the web shop still shows the devices as available to order and is assigning 'normal' delivery times to confirmed Fold5 orders.
Once you place the order and pick the delivery slot, the date will be rescheduled on the assigned delivery date, or remain on 'processing' without the phone being delivered.
Surely there is some deception going on here.
I understand about stock levels and high demand. If that is the case, then the Fold5 must be marked out of stock and the company must stop taking people's money under false pretences.

Well I'm glad I'm not the only one.  Ordered mine 19th and promptly cancelled because I found a better deal.  Then ordered again the same day and got the email of issues beyond their control.  Tried ordering a different colour etc but they are stuck on 'processing'.  

I understand that with new releases there are delays.  But there should be a warning on their website that there are delays.  I had to call customer support twice to find out the problems.  1st call said it was an issue with their courier.  Second call said their whole ordering system was down.

2 weeks before all this happened I sent my FOLD 3 in for a repair and they said DPD were backlogged.

Just some transparency would be nice.  I have had to go back to my Note 8.  It is barely keeping up with my work load.

I'm not sure this a stock issue related to this specific phone, there seems to be a much wider problem with all orders right now.

Several people on here have complained about s23 ultra orders being delayed, me and a few others have galaxy 6 watches delayed. They need to issue some sort of statement because this is unacceptable.

Mine was supposed to be delivered on the 28th, havent had any email or updates telling me about a delay or any issues they have fulfilling orders, until i rang up customer service who just kept telling me to wait for notification of order, and were all too rushed to get me off the phone.

I've been a Samsung user since the galaxy s2 and thankfully this is the first time I've had to deal with their customer service before, because it hasn't been a good one.
Likewise, I'm sorry to hear of your experience which mirrors mine. Ordered for delivery on 28th September with a nominated time slot which came and went. No contact from Samsung, no updates, nothing.

Used the live chat function (is this a bot?!) and received several awe inspiring responses...but no detail or solution to my issue!

Followed up with a call to their customer service department who were slightly more enlightening but no promise of an imminent delivery.

Samsung are an utter disgrace, my order value was £1700 which I've paid yet they can't even contact me proactively to advise of any problems.
The irony is the items I ordered are still available to order, with designated delivery dates. I could have ordered through Amazon Prime and received delivery within 2 days, yet here I am waiting like lots of others with nothing coming from the company. Incidentally my confirmed order is still showing as 'processing'..the only thing being processed here is my anger.