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Delivery very slow on first time purchase - usual??

(Topic created on: 14-02-2023 04:18 PM)
First Poster

Ordered a bespoke jet complete on Feb 10th. Delivery was to be with DPD (so it said so on their website) and asked me to pick a date/slot. I picked the first available one - Feb 15th (despite saying available for next day delivery) - I live in Northern Ireland so next day is usually 48 hours and not 24. DPD is reliable so I was happy enough with that. 

Then I get an email to say my delivery is booked for Feb 20th!! with 'panther group'. Never heard of the courier and the date is ridiculous. So ordered 10th - delivery 20th! One of the slowest deliveries I have ever seen online. I am a regular with many online retailers and 1-3 days is what I expect these days. 10 days is just incompetent. Is this normal with Samsung direct? First time customer - unlikely to buy from them again. Expected 10 days - order still showing as 'prepared for dispatch' and using a courier I have never heard of, despite saying they use DPD with all their deliveries. 

Very frustrated customer  


I agreed with you, for a company that deal with tech it is disappointed that Samsung didn't take it seriously their online business, the webpage too didn't look and function well, I've ordered a watch6 and earbuds, 6 day and it is still stuck at preparing and the terms of 4 to 6 week for delivery, comeon Samsung 

Anne D

Had the same experience! purchased a mobile phone and accesories  last week!  I say  they have a very very poor delivery service! they will let you pick a date of delivery and charge you extra for that but will not deliver on time. They wont even contact you of any delays on the delivery so that you have to chase it with customer service offshore who off course doesnt have the capability to help as they are not incharge of delivery and  would only give you a scripted answer of 'oh we have some logistic and warehouse issues'. There is no way a  huge company will let their logistic and warehouse down for 1 week! Also how can an item already in the country takes 1 week to be prepared for dispatch! Heck parcels from China and s. korea  arrive  in the country within 5 days where as Samsung takes a week to prepare an item already in the country for dispatch? ridiculous!