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Samsung Galaxy K zoom hybrid camera / phone - hair in extendable 10x lens.




I've had a Samsung Galaxy K zoom hybrid camera / phone since 2015, with a 10x optical zoom. It effectively acts as a spare phone / camera these days if my main phone or camera is unavailable. That said, it has performed well over the time I've had it and produced some remarkable photos that I've been able to upload onto Facebook or similar straight away.


I've noticed two months ago when I had my main phone in for repair that there was a hair inside the lens cover. There are also a few minor specks of dust. These are only (and very readily) noticeable when the zoom is extended up towards 10x.


I've tried a few methods suggested elsewhere, including (worryingly) gently tapping the lens when extended to try to dislodge the hair, applying suction to the lens barrel with a vacuum cleaner (I had a real go at this) and blasting it with a hair dryer.


The hair subbornly remains no matter what I do.


I've noted some more draconian methods, including removing the cover at the end of the lens barrel using a combination of a hair dryer to heat to 60C plus and gently remove it with a sharp knife(???).


I just want the hair and dust gone. Anyone any thoughts? Given the nature of the Samsung Galaxy K, do I take it to a camera repair shop or a phone repairer?


Given the hybrid nature of the phone / camrea, I'm not sure where to post this message.



@Mackem_Beefy: In instances such as this I would always recommend visiting a Samsung Support Centre to arrange for an engineer to inspect the device, although I too am unsure as to the level or support that can be provided for the K Zoom. Please check the following link, select 'Mobile Device' and enter your post code to find your nearest location:
If you click on the results on the left side of the screen it will bring up the address and contact information of the Support Centre therefore it would be a good idea to contact them prior to your visit to ask whether they will be able to help.

Thanks for that.   I note a Samsung branch in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, about 40 minutes away from me.


When I get time, I will nip in and have a chat with them.   That said, I don't know if they'll help me with a phone / camera that they ceased to produce back in 2015.


Thanks and many regards,




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