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Mods removing posts

(Topic created on: 06-08-2022 05:38 PM)
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Has anyone else had issues with moderators deleting photo submissions for contests?

This is the third time it's happened to me, and I've only posted 3 times. The first time I submitted a picture I took on holiday and it got flagged as not unique via reverse image search. This really worried me as I had never posted it before and implied my data could have been breached.

When I got in contact with the mod they said it was a mistake because it looked similar to another picture but on closer inspection they were different. He said I could repost it and he would put a note to other mods about the false positive, but the repost also seemed to be removed.

This time I posted a picture for the gametag competition which is also unique, but it was removed for the same reason. This time I did a reverse image search on my own entry via google to check and saw nothing remotely similar.

I can only assume the algorithm used throws false positives quite often and the mods don't always check.

Has this type of thing happened to anyone else? I find it a bit disheartening.
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Hi @LucidReality 

I appreciate the Team have to be careful when an image or link etc is uploaded into a thread / post.

Perhaps send a direct message to the Team.


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