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Does anyone else have sleep problems?!


I have such a rotten sleep pattern. Any shows to recommend?

Theresa edwards

I always watch things I've watched before to go to sleep, otherwise, I'll not want to sleep!


Usually its:

  • Brooklyn 99
  • The Office (US)
  • The Big Bang Theory

They're very easy to watch :thumbs-up-sign-emoji-modifier-fitzpatrick-type:



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Do you like horror or not lol.
I have same sleep pattern it's up the wall do you like ncis, American horror show. What kind of shows/films do you like Theresa40 😊

I'm 100% the same as @TracyR 


I like to watch shows I've already seen and Brooklyn 99 is the cutest. Another one is It's Always Sunny in

Philadelphia. I'm sure @CarlH would agree :face-with-tears-of-joy: 
I just watch the news or do something lighthearted, otherwise I will think too much and its goodbye night.

...Just like friday night, I played a game that was "slightly" too addicting (It was 04:00 when I realised the time).

@SjorsK We've all made that mistake before. I've made the mistake of using a show that I've never watched as my Sleep Show... safe to say I got a little addicted!

I like horror and comedy amd reality love anything really. As long as its watchable,lol

Theresa edwards

Have to say, watched American Horror story. LOVED IT!!!

Theresa edwards
American Horror Story is amazing! I need to watch the most recent season that has come out, but the others were so good!

Me, I going to play a short game time, see you monday :four-leaf-clover:

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