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Another scam by DPD

(Topic created on: 13-03-2024 08:28 AM)
I am posting this here because it is linked to a Samsung phone, but not with the Samsung company in any way. I am just very upset and I need to vent.

Two weeks ago my mom's phone got stolen. One week ago I bought a new phone for her from Amazon and it wasn't a cheap one.
The sellers preferred method of delivery was DPD.
DPD was inconsistent with my delivery from Currys in February but I thought let's forgive them and give them another try, maybe it was just a one off.

On this second delivery by DPD on the day when I ordered the phone it appeared that the parcel was dispatched, which has been confirmed by the seller themselves yesterday. 
Note this is a one day payed delivery.
That same day when I was expecting my order on the Amazon site it appeared that I am going to receive my parcel after 8pm. I have waited the delivery by my window that evening and I did not see anything. Than DPD said on the Amazon that they rescheduled my parcel 3 days later, knowing that it was dispatched I rescheduled my parcel one day earlier than they have decided.
Than they have put it 2 days earlier than the day elected by them and I didn't understand why, if I chose another day, but again I have waited and I haven't seen any DPD activity at all and zero update whatsoever from DPD.
Than again I have waited on the elected day, and they have not delivered anything to me and no update, but I have downloaded the DPD app they kept saying the parcel will be delivered on my elected date, as I have chosen, but nothing was delivered to me, not even a single update on my parcel. DPD just simply left me in the air.

I have tried all ways to physically track my parcel but there is no track of my parcel whatsoever. 

I have contacted DPD via the app and they told me to contact the seller because they have received my order but not the parcel physically ( this is the term that they are using).
I have contacted the seller themselves and they said they shipped the parcel and this is odd for them as well. They said they are going to start and investigation and they will refund me if the phone is not found.

This morning I went on the DPD app and suddenly there is no parcel activity and my latest delivery completely disappeared unless I search it myself using the tracking number.
The latest updates are from 6 days ago saying that the parcel was delivered 2 days ago, which is odd enough, and there is no proof from DPD if it was delivered, where and to whom, or if it's still laying there somewhere, they absolutely have no idea where is my parcel and they completely refuse to engage and help me find it whatsoever. If it was something cheap I wouldn't feel so let down and I would let it slip, but this was expensive and it had sentimental value for me as well because it was supposed to be a present for my mom.
This is the second time when there is no respect from DPD for their customers whatsoever, they refuse to engage, take responsibility and even offer a compensation. The way I feel is that they are a ghost company. 
I really wish they do not do this to other people because it's not a nice feeling. 
They have lost something that was expensive without tracking it, assuming to get signature and live tracking for it and now they refuse to talk. This is very appalling, and I am glad I didn't pay more than I have for that item, otherwise the disappointment would be even more. 

So sorry for the problems, sounds very frustrating. I've normally found DPD ok but they did mess up the day of my S24U delivery recently. Also had a problem with another phone I bought off eBay (not delivered by DPD) that got 'lost' in the couriers central hub. I got refunded but it's still showing as in their hub in the app from 3 weeks ago! How it can get lost when it's supposedly tracked every step.of the way beats me. Anyway I hope you do get your phone soon or get a refund so your mum can enjoy her phone
Thank you.
This surely does not feel nice and I hope in a positive resolve.
Other carriers would hold off even if I order a pair of socks, they would not lose it and deliver it safely to me or a place where I can pick it and this company DPD cannot handle expensive items safely, they lose track of them and don't handle the situation properly from A to Z. It's just unbelievable.
I'd say start pressing for a refund from the seller if you can, it does not sound good. Courier companies normally say if you haven't received the parcel within 7 days to take next steps, but the longer you wait the harder it is to find a resolution. I have had my fare share of frustrations with DPD. So bad I'm use to it never arriving on the day scheduled even if I pay for the VIP service. Never received a refund despite them saying they will. They are a joke, but that being said, I've had little joy with any other couriers lately. Items getting collected from my door by the courier and never scanned again, just disappeared. As crazy as it sounds I'm inclined to be believe that there is currently a major parcel interception scam happening. Who knows.
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In the past 4 years with DPD, I have had Sony headphones, Samsung watches disappear, so little love for them.

Did you order from an Amazon reseller or direct ?

Regards Obsydian - (Car & Tech Evangelist)

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You have no idea how much I believe the same thing that you said in the last sentence. I never had issues before with my deliveries and even the most insignificant item was delivered to me safely before this year. I really don't know what is going on.
I just have a great feeling of loss and being scammed. I ordered from a reseller but I have done it many times before and never had a problem, this phone was shipped from UK, in the same city, I don't see why there had to be a problem with it and why it disappeared without a trace like this. This was a one day matter and Amazon said the item was collected by the carrier on the same day of the order so no excuse from DPD stands up for me, moreover because there is no update and no physical tracking of this item.
Just to come with the last update on this case.
DPD have told the Amazon Seller that they will launch an investigation that will take 5-6 days to find out what happened with this phone.
I don't know why they need 5-6 days to find out, this could be an easy delivery if they kept track of the parcel and delivered it to my adress.
Both me and the seller are disappointed, the seller kindly is refunding me and they lost an expensive phone and the money to refund me.
Conclusion: don't use DPD.
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@Star_girl  certainly a frustrating experience, just ghope it is sorted out.  Personally DPD  have usually been ok for me  mind you.

I do not work for Samsung or make Samsung Products but provide independent advice and valuable contributions.

Dpd are hopeless, I was the same, I got a txt from driver saying it had been rescheduled and when I called to find out what was going on, it was because the driver decided to finish early to go to his sons birthday party 😡 wasn't amused