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About data backup

(Topic created on: 09-12-2019 01:23 PM)

Behind the nine mountains, nine waters, and nine valleys, one rabbit lived once. He had never backed up his data and never lost his data. The bunny was unfortunately a fairy-tale character. If we do not back up our data, it is only a matter of time when we lose it.

It is such an evergreen, when people ask how to get data from a cell phone that has gone wrong, or in case of loss of cell phone lament over the data, typically photos they had there.

A good backup must meet several rules:

  • is up-to-date
  • is complete
  • it can be restored
  • is safely stored


A year old backup is better than nothing, but the best is one that contains all the data. In practice, this would mean having to create a backup immediately after changing the data, e.g. after taking a photo. For photos, this is offered by apps like Google Photos or Onedrive by Microfotf. However, if you have a limited data plan, it may hurt. In this case, turn on backup only over Wi-Fi. If you lose your phone, you'll lose a few recent photos; if the data is worth the risk, you have to consider it yourself.


Data can be found anywhere on the device. Browse your phone and write down what is important to you.

A typical mistake is to back up the Camera folder from your phone, for example, but have the photos set to the memory card. Double check that the backup contains all the data it should contain!


You wouldn't believe how often the data can't be recovered. Even known also paid data backup services sometimes had the problem that data could not be recovered. If you use an application, especially in combination with the cloud, read the terms very carefully. Sometimes you could be surprised that such a service does not guarantee anything, even though it is paid. Personally, I prefer backup file by file and have control of entire process.


The backup is great if you don't have it on the flash drive that you carry with your phone. In that case, theft of your phone will deprive you of a backup ...

The backup should be on verified media and should not be in the same location as the original data. This is especially important for backing up data on computers: having a backup in the same room won't help much if you burn out. In the case of mobile phones where we do not work with such large data, the cloud can be advantageous.


How to do it?

Probably the best solution is to use backup directly from Samsung. However, this has several features that do not suit me, so I chose a different solution.

I use Folder Sync , which allows you to back up data from between anywhere.

One option is OneDrive; if you pay Office 365, you have 1TB of data included (this is applied in Czech Republic, in UK it can be different). In addition, this data is automatically synchronized with your Windows computer. If you set the backup to OneDrive, the backup files will appear on all your computers after a while.


So install the above application and run it. You must set permissions after the first run.

In the main window, select Accounts , add a new account, and select OneDrive . Log in with your MS account.

Screenshot_20191209-141517_FolderSync Pro.jpg  Screenshot_20191209-141521_FolderSync Pro.jpg  Screenshot_20191209-141529_FolderSync Pro.jpg

Then go back and select Folderpairs . Add a new pair here. You enter the name of the synchronization pair, select the OneDrive account, and the type of synchronization. This can be to a remote folder (data is only sent), to a local folder (data is only downloaded) or two-way (data is both downloaded and sent). Select To remote folder . This ensures that we will not lose data if it is deleted by OneDrive in an accident.

Select the remote folder on OneDrive and the local folder (photo folder).

Screenshot_20191209-141535_FolderSync Pro.jpg   Screenshot_20191209-141550_FolderSync Pro.jpg  Screenshot_20191209-141627_FolderSync Pro.jpg  Screenshot_20191209-141636_FolderSync Pro.jpg

Enable scheduled sync. For example, we choose Daily , but we can set a lot of detailed rules. The section with conflicts is important, here we set how to act. Backup can be limited to WiFi networks only.

Screenshot_20191209-141646_FolderSync Pro.jpg  Screenshot_20191209-141707_FolderSync Pro.jpg  Screenshot_20191209-141714_FolderSync Pro.jpg

New synchronization can also be started manually, the status can be checked in the Sync Status menu.

Screenshot_20191209-141730_FolderSync Pro.jpg

Are you a Microsoft agent ?!

No, that's why I'll show you another way to back up for free, and you don't even need Windows to do it (although I'll demonstrate it on them).

We will use the backup to FTP server (FTP = file transfer protocol). It is an old protocol and is not secure because everything is transmitted unencrypted. There is also an encrypted version, but I admit that I could not make it works on my mobile. But as we will only synchronize on home WiFi, it doesn't matter.


The only difference from the previous steps is that we use an FTP account instead of a OneDrive account.


However, you will need to run your own FTP server. You can use my favorite Filezilla FTP Server , which is free. Download and install on the PC on which we want to make backups. Allow to start as a  Windows service.


Run the application, server management will be displayed. Click on the "head" icon to display the list of users. Click on Add , enter username, then OK. Check that " Enable account " is checked and check " Password " and enter the password. Then switch to Shared folders on the left, click Add and select the folder where the backup will be performed. Then set all rights ( Read, Write ... ). Confirm OK .


Tip: if you specify a backup folder as a subfolder of OneDrive, we get "for free" the next level of data replication both to the cloud and to other computers where we are logged in to OneDrive. I got it 

FTP02.jpg FTP03.jpg FTP04.jpg FTP05.jpg


To verify the functionality of the FTP server, run Explorer and type " ftp: // localhost " in the address. Confirm with Enter and Windows should ask for login information. Fill in what we set up in the FTP server and we should see the contents of the backup folder.


FTP06.jpg FTP07.jpg FTP08.jpg

If we switch to the server management application, we will also see all the activity being performed.


If you don't want to use FileZilla's solution, the FTP server is also included with Windows, you just need to enable it:


This solution has the big advantage that synchronization will be very fast, everything runs on your local network.

The disadvantage is the need to hit the backup until the computer is running. I run a non-stop server at home, so I don't have to deal with this.


If you want to be able to back up outside your home, it is possible, but it must be supported by your ISP. You need a public IPv4 address to do this, and you do not have to block the ports needed for FTP (20, 21). In this case, set the port forwarding to the computer where the FTP server is running.

virtual server.jpg


Some routers even have a built-in FTP server and then back up to a connected flash drive. But this is beyond the scope of this article.


Samsung S24 Ultra Black 1 TB | Pixel 8a Bay 128 GB | Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 256GB
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Amazing guide @Libb. Very comprehensive and love the rabbit intro, thanks :smiling-face:!

Nice! I personally must admit that I backup all my important data (Mail, contacts, photo's) though Office365 (Including onedrive for business :smiling-face: ). Less hassle but this is indeed a much more complete solution :smiling-face:

Office 365 is a perfect solution. But this has few benefits

  • speed. Usualy is your local FTP server faster than OneDrive :smiling-face:
  • control. You know what and where is. If you lose credentials to your Office 365 account or the account in all, you won't lose data.
  • control again. Some services doesn't allow some type on context (violence, nudity...). My backup contains more than 100 000 pictures of nude women because I'm a act photographer. I don't believe Microsoft enough to upload there this sensitive content and I cannot agree with potentian account disabling because of nude content :smiling-face:
  • quantity. Yes Office 365 contains 1TB data limit. But S10+ exists in 1TB variant + you can have next 512 GB as a SD card. Then is also OneDrive too small. And I told you already about the speed, didn't I? :winking-face:

Yes. OneDrive, Google Photos or Samsung cloud are easy and comfortable ways how to make a backup. This article leads to deeper understanding the backup process and gives you more options. It's all (and I need to write something time by time to get 3rd star 😄 )

Samsung S24 Ultra Black 1 TB | Pixel 8a Bay 128 GB | Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 256GB
Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro | Samsung Galaxy Buds / Buds2 / Buds2 Pro

Speed: True, onedrive is quite slow (Cheap, but slow :smiling-face: ).
Control: Actually, considering I intentionally have a paid subscription I do actually have control. I know for sure that my data will not be stored out of Europe and Amsterdam has the preference considering my location :smiling-face:
Control Again: Considering I'm a client slightly more is allowed, plus they don't have access to it. But in your case I do believe that its best to not share content though Onedrive ^^'
Quantity: Its possible to buy more :face-with-tears-of-joy:

That said, I love your article! :smiling-face: